Monday, August 29, 2011

Cancer Screenings

Milton J. Dance, Jr. Head & Neck Center, Physicians Pavilion West #401
Event Duration:   2 hours
Start Time:   03:30 pm

Cancers of the lip and oral cavity are most common in people who smoke and/or frequently drink alcohol. Any type of tobacco use (or history of tobacco use), significantly raises the risk. Oral surgeons are offering free oral cavity exams. They examine: front 2/3 of tongue, upper & lower gums, lining of inside of gums & cheeks, floor & hard palate, and the small area behind wisdom teeth.
The Milton J. Dance, Jr. Head & Neck Center will be holding a oral health screening. Will call or email respond to schedule a time and confirm; APPOINTMENT IS NOT CONFIRMED UNTIL WE RESPOND. Thank you.
Cost/Fee: $15
Contact Information: 443.849.3080

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